Have you made any money using Blender?

Trying to figure out the tricks of the trade. If you have done work for money, How did you catch your break?

I sold my art at shows before, have made a few thousand dollars total because of that.

. thousands of dollars?!!?

Yes, you’re not mistaken, I have more than 3000 dollars in my checking account now, which is enough to get a new computer once 8 core rigs are available from Dell in maybe a few years.

I currently have my art accepted at and hanging in 2 places around Wichita for an indefinate period, I’m also throwing around the idea I could just mat my pictures and sell them that way as I learned some people like picking their own frames.

Hey cyborg can I check out some of your work???

Here’s the link to my gallery (newer stuff is on pages 5 and 6)

it is amazing that people would pay so much…

may i ask which ones were sold?

um, I remember being in a team where I was going to get paid, but all I did was unwrap models, I got bored so I quit… So yes you can get paid? :stuck_out_tongue:

@CD,wow,that’s a great gallery you got there. You have a lot of stuff. I can’t imagine doing that many pictures.

CD. I really love your abstract art work…Really really wonderful works… Congrats dude.

People didn’t pay 1000’s of dollars for a single picture, they were priced based on the type of presentation (matting and framing), the most I ever priced my works was 100 dollars with many at an affordable 30-40 dollars, many were sold and that’s how the money was made.

There were some that really stood out in sales, though I do note the work “Florals of glass” will sell just about anywhere, I sold more of that picture than any of the others.

i have a whopping 10$ on turbosquid selling models

Interesting work CD. You might be interested in the work of this artist. Not a Blenderhead, but interesting work nonetheless (and RedBubble might be worth checking out as a possible outlet).

DVD menus, motion graphics and award show vfx.