Have you seen this? Plus: Possible WIP?

If you havnt seen this already, check this sucker out!


This is an beautiful peice of work! I guess it’s called the “Zoom Quilt” because it’s basically several different works of art by different artist that was compiled together like a quilt. Deffently worth the loading time!

Now, i immiedatly started to wonder if something like this would be would be possible to make within the elysiun/blender community. If anything, bringing together 3d scenes would be much easier then bringing together 2d scenes. So would anyone be interested in joining a WIP of some sort to create something like this?

If so, anyone have any ideas of how to plan this out properly? I dont have any clue where to start, but would love to take part in something like this.

An idea though… Perhaps the finished product could be displayed using blender’s webplayer?

Just a thought, and be sure to checkout the url…

-Andy :smiley:

Reminded me of this:



I love surrealistic art like that. Plus, the ability to zoom through it is absolutely cool. Thanks for sharing!

I think the idea of doing something like this using Blender would also be really cool. Hopefully it wouldn’t get started then abandoned like that Muffin Project thing.

wow that zoom thing is amazing.

we had a picture book in our college library called “zoom” and it was about 40 pages of zooming in. it was a very sort after book and was always out on loan.


zoom thing - really cool.