Having a problem with normal mapping... [Solved]

I’m trying to make a little model of a little dragon with some animation, normal map and texture, I don’t know alot about blender and haven’t found a solution yet which I could understand :spin:.
My problem is that some faces don’t get the normal map on it, also I compared my settings of my model with other normal mapped ones and they seem to be similar. Also if I extrude a face it doesn’t have the same UV information as the original face.
In the attached files there’s a screenshot of the faces which dont get the normal map and the UV window showing that they are unwraped, and the .blend file.
I hope some one can help me and that I didnt make a mistake posting this problem in this category :).
And sorry for any inconvenience that I could have provoked.


Drake.blend (428 KB)

Well, I’ve got no idea what’s going on there, but if you just create a new Material (press the X to unlink the old one, or it’ll just make a copy), that seems to work all right.

Correct… if you alter the mesh (and extruding would do it) then the changed vertices need to be re-associated with the image afresh. In the UV editor, reload the UV map again as a new image like Zwebbie has said.

I think the normals are messed up. I got this a few days ago while baking an AO map, some parts were black, and those had their normals inverted. Ctrl+N didn’t do anything to fix that, so you’ll need to go manual.

Thanks for the quick reply, but it didn’t work unlink the old material and put the new one, also i’ve made the uv map after altering the mesh so the new faces are unwraped. Could it be that making changes after making shape keys could make those problems?:confused:, but I removed them after trying to get the normal map to work.
Also the normal map is working, if I put some UVs in other positions of the image they change but not those faces.
And sorry again for any inconvenience:D

Hmm… if you’ve removed the UV image file and loaded it afresh… I dunno then. It sounded very similar to a problem I had here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=162763 where reallocating the image was the solution.

Uhm thanks again for the quick reply and telling me about your solution of a similar problem but it didn’t work or changed anything… (perhaps I’m just too stupid:eek:)

How big are the files… you don’t want to post them up somewhere?

You mean the .blend file or the normal map or something else? If u mean the .blend file, i’ve already attached it I think.

Sorry I missed that.

I’m about off to rest for the night. I looked at your file, and associating a new texture (test grid) in the UV editor did cover the full mesh.

However - I picked up something else very strange. If you hit render, only parts of the dragon show. Go to Editing(F9) and delete all materials from the “Links and materials” panel to get the dragon fully rendering again. Not quite sure what was going on there, although it may be related to your current priblem.

Uhhh i’m pretty stupid:D. Thanks alot for all the help and removing the material asignement in the links and material window did remove the problem.
Thanks again for everything and have a good night:)