Having difficulty removing glossy noise, please help!

Hi everyone! New to the blender artists website. I would like some advice some advice on how to minimize the noise in my render and possibly remove the fireflies

Here is also the glass shader I’m using. I saw a tutorial that seemed effective How to make a glass material shader

I’m using remingtongraphics d-noise to reduce the sample count immensely

I’ve also been messing around with the bounces and light paths but to no avail. I don’t think I’m understanding the bounces effectively.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well first of all, Welcome to BA!

You need to tell us a lot more about how you did this, like Blender Version, Shader Engine (I am guessing Cycles) and details of the shader node tree if it is Cycles. then we can advise you better, rather than just saying “Try this…” etc. One thing I must ask is does your mesh have thickness, ie. a Solidify Mod, if not it is assumed to be a complete solid glass block, this may affect the result, light bounces, Blender De-noising, etc. all have a big influence.

For de-noising I start off with a radius of 1, Strength 0.2 and Feature Strength 0.5 and work from there, too big a radius blurs things, whereas 1 gets rid of the fireflies without FUBARing the render, normally…

So, more info please, even a blend file might help us more than you know, as we can try things for you.

Cheers, Clock. :beers:


So sorry!

Yes I used 2.79b with Cycles.

Herre’s an image of the node tree.

I would suggest you watch this video by the awesome Alexandrov.

Keep in mind you should only use the nodes you need, as most cases don’t require fancy stuff.

The glass tutorial timeline

2:18 - Setting up Blender
6:05 - Adding HDRi Environment
8:18 - Refraction & Dispersion
15:53 - Reflection
18:34 - Subsurface Scattering and Translucency
21:05 - Absorption (Raylength)
24:22 - Fake Caustics in Cycles
30:47 - Volume Shader
32:49 - Roughness
37:06 - Speed-up Hack
39:30 - Final Tweaks

Also, if you want the fake absorption, I recommend this node setup:
(It’s 2.80 but works in 2.79 also.)


This is very helpful Hiserod, thank you! I’ll bet checking out this video and trying out the absorption as well

+1 for denoising. +1 for Gleb vid :slight_smile:

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yeah his videos are great. I watched his tutorial to make a paint splatter effect


i decided to add a displacement material onto the blue just to give it something else pretty much