Having Problems Mirroring Bones

Hi, I am trying to “mirror my bones. I followed the instructions on the Blender Wiki but It is still not mirroring and I’m stumped as to why not.

I selected the bone in Edit mode
I named the bone
I selected the X-Axis Mirror

Shouldn’t the bone have mirrored?

That is more like a switch for extrusions and such afterwards, it won’t mirror retroactively, but you can duplicate the selected bone and name it Thigh.L and it should snap in place. You will need to rename the bone you’ve got selected to .R though, I don’t think Rt will work. When you’ve changed the name, duplicated the bone, and renamed the new bone, it should snap in place automatically.

X-Axis Mirror Editing


Another very useful tool is the X-Axis Mirror editing option (Tool panel > Armature Options, while Armature is selected in Edit Mode), working a bit like the same mesh editing tool. When you have pairs of bones of the same name with just a different “side suffix” (e.g. .R/.L, or _right/_left…), once this option is enabled, each time you transform (move/rotate/scale…) a bone, its “other side” counterpart will be transformed accordingly, through a symmetry along the armature local X axis. As most rigs have at least one axis of symmetry (animals, humans, …), it’s an easy way to spare you half of the editing work! See also next page for more on naming bones.

Thanks Cyaoeu, I duplicated the bone (shift + D) and then renamed it Thigh_L but it didn’t flip to the other side and it didn’t snap. There must be a trick to doing this properly. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

the blender left/right naming conventions ar .L and .R, if you use these, it should work

Sazerac, hi thanks for the speedy reply. Yes that did the trick.