Having Problems with Saving Animation

I have only been learning Blender now for about 6 months. Most of my time has gone to Modeling. I have tried some animation and even sent my mother an animated Birthday card back in Oct of 05’.
I just 2 days ago, updated Blender with it’s new release. For some reason, I am having a problem “saving” my rendered animations. The file path is to my Blender Projects folder.
Here’s the problem; When I hit F3 to save, it says "ERROR, please choose image type using (F10) etc.
I already have the file type selected as a AVI JPEG and have even tried it as an AVI RAW. This is why I am confused on the error for my rendering is not for an “image”.
Using F10 and under the file path (far left box) I skip the background image path for there is none and go to “file type” just under it. This may be why I am having a problem cause I am a bit confused on if I need to add the extention if I have the extention button “on”. I titled the project “Lightbar.AVI” and have even tried using no extention.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

F3 is only for saving Images, not sequences of images, that are rendered with RENDER button in F10 or with the hotkey F12. It only works if you have already rendered and the image is in the render buffer.

For Animations (avi or sequences of .png or .tga) you use the ANIM button in F10 and it sends them to the folder you typed into the filepath automatically, or to the .tmp folder that’s there by default. You don’t have to save.


Roger that Flight%. Thanks alot bud for your time.