Having Trouble Making An Armature

hi every 1 i have added armatures to my gingerbread man many times and its worked perfect but i have a model my friend made and i want to add armatures so i can make some movies but i cant because every time i try to make parent it doesn’t do it right.

If some 1 can point me in the right direction with a tutorial i would highly appreciate it.

i am going to post the link to the model and it would be nice if some 1 could add them for me i WOULD LOVE THAT. here is the link http://files.filefront.com/master+chief+done+blend/;8701151;/fileinfo.html

thnx every 1 :):smiley:

That mesh needs a LOT of cleanup before you (or anyone) can apply an armature. Try the “clean mesh” script in edit mode (mesh menu)


im a noob at this i have highlighted the mesh and im at the editing tab ut all i see is…
AUTOSMOOTH…TEXTMESH…CENTERNEW… and so forth i dont see mesh clean up what do i do??

It’s a script. And what you will be using it for is to remove all the edges that do not have faces in the model. You could also do this by hand, but the script should do it quickly and easily.


thnkz here it is if you could help me with the armatures