Having trouble sending a Daz 4.7 file to Blender 2.74. Its not bringing over textures

I created a human figure in Daz 4.7. Its a Genisis 2 female. I tired exporting it into blender using (COLLADA,OBJ,Autodesk formats) It will open in Blender, but its all grey. Is there a simple way to export from Daz to Blender that preserves the Textures/materials??? So I dont have to mess around with it?

This is the render from inside Daz

If you have a .mtl file check the texture paths in it are correct

Do you have textures ?
Check your materials and textures are correct
If you are set to use cycles renderer, try changing to Blender Renderer when importing

Supply a demo file

So I have differnt folders with the different file types that I exported out using Daz. So there is one for .dae/.obj etc. I don’t see a .mtl file anywhere. When your exporting from Daz, is a .mtl file created, but placed somewhere else?
I do want to use cycles. Do you want the Daz or Blend file?

So the best way to take a Daz Model and open it in blender is to use the mcjTekeBlender script. Works pretty well :slight_smile: It looks pretty good Cycles :slight_smile: Now I have to figure out how to adjust the transparency on her eyes. She looks like a zombie lol :smiley:

This is a response from the creator of the add on, talking about why the cornea is white.

“Working fine,… But still White iris and pupil. What am I doing Wrong?”

~If you create a small entirely black image, and apply it as an Opacity map to the cornea of the eye,

you will obtain a fully transparent cornea as seen in Daz Studio and as rendered in Blender/Cycles

sometimes there’s a transparency map for the cornea, but due to export issues, the image cannot be found
or the transparency map is part of the color map, and that’s not compatible with mcjTeleblender
so replacing it with a simple black image , like the one below, does the trick~

My question is where do I add the black image/Opacity map in the node set up???

Collada format works and has all the textures, but they are in Blender Render format by default. There’s a script that converts all BI textures to Cycles but you’ll have to do some minor cleanup with the textures that have transparency associated with them. I can’t remember the location of the script but a search of these forums should turn it up.

That script I used has a few settings for cycles, basically everything worked. All the textures and geometry are correct. The only thing that didnt work was the eye transparency. With in the eye, were do I place the transparency node?

Where is the Opacity channel on the Nodes? Its there where I have to input a black image, to make the corneas transparent.

Daz figures (Genesis 2 mainly) have a bit of geometry over the eye that is used for reflection I believe. You can either set that to have 100% transparency and 100% reflection (which is how I would do it) or delete the geometry completely and just go with setting up the cornea textures (which is how it would be done with other figures).

As for the texture set up. Just thinking out loud… for a basic set up you would only need a glossy node set to sharp mixed with a transparency node. Adjust the factor until you get something you can use.

Ahhh you’re the man!!! :slight_smile: Yeah I used your node set-up for both the Cornea and Eye Reflection and It worked!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad to help. You can also use a variation of this setup with the “tear” geometry on Genesis 2 figures if need be.