Having trouble with bone relations

So what I’m trying to do is have lower lip bones (red) to be a child of the jaw bone of 0.35 influence (blue) and still rotate with the head.

enter image description here

Things I have tried and why they don’t work:

  • make lower lips child of jaw by 0.35
    • follows jaw perfectly but also follows the head at 0.35
  • make lower lip bones a child of a vert group on the bottom teeth mesh
    • works well but will rotate oddly when the root bone is rotated on the z axis
  • make lower lips child of jaw bone by .35 and child of head by 0.65
    • just does not work and I cant figure out why
  • use rigify to make a face rig
    • I don’t know if rigify has options to have lower lips AND a jaw. also this rig is fused with a custom rig that I absolutely need

here is the blend file. all the relative bones to the question are on the layer that you first see but you can of course look at the other layers if you need to see the others

if it asks you about running scripts - rig_ui.py is the rigify script for the main rig, the other 2 rigify scripts are for the hair which isn’t relevant to the question. Octoling Properties (v1,0).py is a custom addon I made for this model and needs to be running for the mouth to show up as well as other things.


cant find jawbone, so i guess you mean mouthbone! right?!

i copy the mouthbone.joe parent the upper mouthctrls to the new bone,
then in add a copy rotation from the new mouthbone to your original
mouthbone.joe with an influence of 0,35 in localspace, and also a copy location
in localspace to the mouthbone.joe

did you mean it that way: