having trouble with vertices jumping when moving them

I’m still somewhat of a newb to blender(only modeled a few things). I am currently working on a model and when i try to move a vertice in the back say on the Y axis, i can move it a few increments, then the vertice will jump to a different part of the model, say the chest area like it is trying to merge with another vertice somewhere else in the model.

Sometimes i’ll move the vertice a few mm on the screen, and then it’ll just jump ahead 20 or so mm, so there is like this black hole where I can’t move the vertice.

Anyone know what is causing this or anything I may be able to try to remedy this problem as it is very frustraiting and adding a lot of time to a model that should be done by now.

It sounds like you may have ‘Retop’ on. Deselect it in your ‘Editing Panel’.

Thank you VisionaryCynic I think that worked, I don’t know how that got turned on, is it on by default usually or a hotkey associated with it?

No, it’s not on by default and I don’t think it has a hotkey. Just one of those things I guess.