Different shapekeys, and mask for a character.
Shapekeys lost because of the need to retopologize.
Multires also lost.
At the beginning, the character was supposed to be Carl from the comix Hard boiled(Frank Miller / Geoff Darrow). It has been also inspired by the work of sculptor Franz Xaver Messerchmidt (1736-1783).



New version, sculpted with Kent Trammell’s technique.

Keyboard shortcuts for the sculpting mode:



I 've read in the Blender manual that the keyboard shortcut for Toggling brush direction (Add/Sub) was the V key.

But when i press V, Blender jumps in the vertex paint mode.

Kent Trammell’s great tutorials:

Tutorial Links:
Part 1: Vimeo, YouTube
Part 2: Vimeo, YouTube
Part 3: Vimeo, YouTube
Part 4: Vimeo, YouTube


illustration test gothic/horror style.
3D render + 2D CG painting layer

Awesome sculpt! Love the mouth. Cool illustration too. :slight_smile:

Are you going to add hair?

Thank you.

Yes, but i’ ll have to wait for blender 2.65+, because for the moment cycles does not support hair.

Great Sculpt! i like the expression

That looks fantastic!

BTW - I found this page while searching for the same brush direction shortcut problem. I’m guessing you’ve already found this out, but for the people that come here for the answer:

the shortcut for changing brush direction is to hold shift while painting in sculpt mode.
The brush’s cursor doesn’t change colour to indicate the different brush direction unless you have both the LMB and shift pressed (actively painting).

That’s a really nice sculpt!

rozmiarek, sick and Daniel_gordillo: thanks.

Punklobster: thank you: I was still searching for the answer!

That’s strange, the brush direction changes, but it seems that the strengh also (less power when holding shift).

Not shift! while you’re in drawing mode hold ctrl to switch direction.
Hold shift if you want to smooth

Thanks a lot Nubeslocas and punklobster!:slight_smile:
Now i’ll sculpt much faster.

Maybe this will be useful too (Y edited this image because in “toggle brush direction” in the original source showed the shortcut V)

thanks for your help, Nubeslocas!