[HD VIDEO] Create Beautiful Grass in Blender

Finished Result from the Tutorial Series

How To Create Realistic Grass in Blender (Part #1)
In this tutorial Series, you will learn how to create the Render Above. This Render was created start to finish during the tutorial series.

Here is Part #1

In this part, I cover how to set up the first particle system to create the main grass, how to add materials and textures to make the grass look more beleivable and how to give the scene outdoor lighting to add more realism.

Part 2 and 3 will be uploaded as responses to this thread.

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Thanks for watching!

Good looking grass and an easy to follow tutorial. Looking forward to part 2.

Very nice tutorial.

You’re both very welcome. Here is part two, (part 3 is coming tomorrow)

Any chance you can get this on vimeo?

Sorry, not at the moment. My videos are currently exclusively YouTube.

This is awesome! Good results. There are more than a few ways to do grass in blender, and this was really easy to follow with a great outcome. Look forward to more!!! :cool:

Thanks for the tutorial. Here is my result. I’d still like to work on some of the aliasing issues, as the image seems to be a little too sharp…

I did away with the colored flowers, as where I come from, there aren’t many tiny small little colorful flowers everywhere, usually just small white clover or random white bits :slight_smile:

That’s looking awesome! Great job. I must admit, I don’t get any colourful flowers either, they just look nice and make the scene more happy! But your scene looks great without them and I don’t think they’re needed.

Part #3! Sorry about the delay, I forgot to post it here.

Thanks for the tutorials! The grass is easily one of the things I wanted to learn most from the Nature Academy.

I tried to make the grass, but it ended up looking dead in the middle of winter.

Here’s what I ended up doing with my scene.

Took a little inspiration from spect3r as the fence really helped break the scene up a bit.

Awesome stuff :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoyed.
Xero, don’t worry about the grass. Just give the tutorials another go some other time and you might get it looking good.