HDR Female (phi proportions)

Edit: Changed title from “Realistic HDR female”
It isn’t realistic enough…yet.
Latest Renders:

Still need to shrink wrap the eyelids around eyes. Haven’t yet because I am still modeling.

Slightly older renders:

Same image with composite layer:

I need to add more specular detail to lips and nose texture is a little stretched.

Body approximations with phi:

Misc info:
Beauty in art is in the eye of the beholder. Trying to convince people phi is the essence of beauty
is like a politician trying to convince you he is “perfect”.
The phi lengths are measured with pentagons because:
The theory for measuring with phi:
Since it is a proportion that builds on itself, all the pentagons have to connect
and build from each other. I only applied these phi measurements to the basic bone lengths, body sections and important body features such as the face. Its not “everywhere” such as the size of muscles, fat and limb positions. Only from body node to “bodily node”. It seems to look okay and work. This is an experiment.

Apparently Google Chrome can mess with the actual color of images
that are uploaded. If you have Chrome and go to chrome://flags/
and type color, you have to force Chrome to use sRGB mode instead of default.


Nice work! I notice a bump on her temple. Is that intentional?

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Well good imagination I would say! ^^ Though using a reference is always a game changer and recommended.
I think the hands are a bit big or maybe it’s the wireframe view.
shaders look good but I myself would go more easy on the SSS. hair shader is awesome. hair itself needs grooming.
Would love to see the rig because I’m getting into rigging.
The color changes cause blender uses another colorspace. try to do a “save for web page” in irfanview or gimp. there you can choose on some coloring options.
Also If you want to upload nudity you are allowed BUT you must tag your post with # nsfw


:+1: I added the tag.

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@LazyVirus. Lmao on the video. Consider it art though. Like that renaissance stuff.
@Weekend Thanks for the tip!
@yakuzakazuya It is actually the cheek bone. The temple is more on the side of the head. I will give a better side angle because the focal length is confusing.
@bartv Thanks for adding the tag. I will make some better renders. I am a big fan of the site. Thanks!

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I saved the images as sRGB as portable network graphic (PNG) and the color is still getting desaturated quite a bit. The skin looks pale on these images.

Cool, could you show a front viewport orthographic view of her face? Something seems off to me. Thanks :+1:

Awesome. I just thought that zygomatic bump looks kinda weird.

The shadow from the bump should be closer to the ear IMO.

Yeah! You’re right!
Now I notice it. Thanks for the tip! I will fix it and post an update to show you.

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You’re welcome :+1:
She has beautiful shapes, can’t wait to see the finished art.

Its fixed I think. I will post another close face render in a bit. The cheeks are sunk in a bit
because otherwise her face looks a little chubby.

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EDIT: This is an old image.
Are the eyebrows better? The eyes appear to be further apart due to the focal length and it actually looks perfect. The front of the face is actually rounded with the forehead. Does the hairline look ok? Is the forhead too big? What about the iris size? Give me your opinions.


She’s definitely improving! For the eyebrows right now, it seems like they’re all growing out completely straight to the side, which is odd. If you look at real eyebrows, image

towards the center they grow up more, and then they gradually start growing more sideways the further down you go.

In this same image, i think you can see that the lower eyelid tends to have less density, and shorter lashes.

@NiklasWerth Hows this?

I made the lower eyelashes shorter and overall both are less dense.
I couldn’t make the lower eyelashes any less dense because they are using
child particles which would require me to turn them off and draw each hair individually
which I don’t want to do because I have the particle system above the sub-surf modifier since
it makes the animation and rig react with much less lag. I just checked the multi modifier box in
the particle system and it works fine.

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I think both the eyelashes and eyebrows are looking a lot better!

This render is with the “filmic” color managment which looks a bit more realistic.

I notice now the iris’ are a tad big.

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I don’t see any content here that requires such a tag really… compared to what is currently featured.

No nipples, no genitalia.

or I’ve missed any photos that showed this previously and have been removed by the time I clicked in.

I like the work btw. Good job!

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@Kobold Yeah I removed a few pics that were exposing.
Here is the best render yet:

oh… haha… okay. I was wondering because I didn’t see any of these images in the edit history… So it didn’t make any sense to me