HDR Female (phi proportions)

Thanks for the apology. I did feel a bit bad since I put a lot of effort here and this thread got way off topic and there was lots of argument. I personally wish it was deleted so I can repost this model when its finished. I do like the advice though. I have taken it…though not all.

Think deeper though. The human body starts from a single cell that divides and follows a DNA growth algorithm which can be defined with math. Anatomy looks different at all stages of its growth. A baby’s head is obviously not in equal proportion to its body. It is possible to “generate” 3D mesh’s of body anatomy strictly from mathematical algorithms. Though it wouldn’t be art such as “sculpting” but I see mathematical formulas as art too.
Phi doesn’t show up “everywhere” But it shows up in many places and mainly in things that grow because growth is what? It happens through time and is an iterative “building” of itself that is being defined or measured…

a religious mind…

Edit: I really need some feedback from anatomy experts.
Is the hipbone in the correct place now? How is my rib cage? Should I be sculpting the rib cage bones? If so, do I have enough or am I missing one? My arm length, head size and leg lengths appear to all be within acceptable proportions of each other.

Yes it lines up with phi in some areas but not everywhere because it would look strange. (if it doesn’t already):neutral_face:
These measurements don’t line up with everything. They’re just “approximations” for reference:

Been watching this thread for a while now, whilst all of the…interesting discussion took place…

I think there is some great work here honestly. My only real criticism is nothing to do with the body, but more about the face. It seems a little lumpy in places, like there’s bone or muscle that shouldn’t exist. This seems to be mainly around the cheeks, moving down towards the mouth. The underside of the nose (I don’t know the anatomical name for all of these parts…sorry!) seems to go too far down towards the top lip. I think this should probably be a little more ‘flat’. I’d also say the mouth looks very thin/narrow, width wise.

Last thing I’d point out is the area behind the ear connecting to the neck. Currently (although it could be the camera angle) it looks like her lymph nodes are swollen. Maybe you could smooth the transition down to neck a little. I think the hair could do with some work too, but I’m guessing it’s placeholder for now?

It seems from your last post that you’re making changes you yourself aren’t too happy with. If that’s the case, don’t do that. Don’t change your art to please others. I’ll agree with everyone else here that the golden ratio stuff is probably - excuse my language - bollocks…but if that’s what you want to do, and it’s how you see the world, then who are we to say otherwise. I think the bit that bent people out of shape is the ‘realism’ tag, which perhaps could be changed to stylised realism, or ideal realism…or you know…but anyway. That’s all I’ve got for ya.


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You’re right about the bumps on the cheeks. The lymph nodes also are a bit big. Will fix another day. I am happy with all the changes. Thanks.

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I think the Iris’ are a little bright. The lips have a specular and roughness mask and the specular mask
made them a little too bright also.