HDR_ProStudio for Blender 2.8 - FREE plugin + source code

Hello everyone,

Me and another developer started this plugin in 2016 and updated to beta 2.8 this year.

Plugin Video

Unfortunately after Blender 2.8 official was launched, some bugs appeared and I couldn’t find a replacement developer. The old developer doesn’t have enough time to contribute anymore either. Hiring a part of full time dedicated resource doesn’t make financial sense as the plugin doesn’t sell well enough for that.

I don’t want this plugin to die as it was a lot of work put into it. Also it would be fair for anyone who contributed to the development in the past by purchasing to keep receiving updates and fixes.

I have attached the source code to this post. If the community is happy with the developer contribution, I will give $250 from the sales towards that person(s). Any further donations or fund raises towards development of this plugin must be handled by the developers or the community.

The Blender 2.7x plugin version is still sold on Blendermarket for $10, but I set all profits to go to the Blender Development Fund automatically. The 2.8 version isn’t sold on Gumroad anymore. You can find the 2.8 plugin files attached.

Reported bugs

  • Light list text and buttons aren’t showing up.
  • Performance issues on macOS
  • Possible crash on some Windows 10 machines.

How do I install the addon?

Move “HDR Editor for yourOS” folder to “addons” directory (should be blender- directory/…/2.8/scripts/addons/). For Mac: Go to the Blender folder, select the Blender app and then right click and select “Show Package Contents” to see the folders.

Maybe this description is rather short, but I really hope someone manages to keep maintaining it further and the Blender community to find some use out of it. Let me know if you have any questions.

You can find more about this plugin below:


Procedural Lights: Ellipse and Polygonal
Image Lights
Unlimited Lights
Supports native paint tools painting on the HDRI.
Independent light bulb settings with brightness curve editing.
Flat, Gradient(linear,radial and conical falloffs) and image textures.
Multiple Blend Modes supported to mix lights and images together
Real time updates in preview render(Cycles Render)
Export the 32bit image as HDR or OpenEXR

New changes for Blender 2.8.

Works with Eevee!
Multithreaded and faster overall due to major code rewrite and cleanup.
New border previews for faster operations when moving lights.
Max Brightness is now 100. We included soft values too.
Scale and rotate limitations are now gone.
Imported images can be used as lights, not just as a background.
Append HDR images with lights from another blend file.
Added icons instead of ugly checkboxes.
Reorder lights in layer list.
Several bug fixes.

hdripro-hdr-editor-for-blender-690b2e66cd04.zip (118.2 KB)
HDR-ProStudio-windows.zip (83.4 KB) HDR-ProStudio-mac.tar (290 KB) HDR-ProStudio-linux.tar (310 KB)


I hope Blender Foundation will continue this plugin.


Well, contact them and propose it :slight_smile:

I would happy to send the money their way if they agree.

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Excellent work, well done :smiley:

This is amazing .I came up from C4D community lately switched to Blender,and I have experienced amazing HDR tools from C4D community,but this is far more advanced from them.pls.continue this amazing development.

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Thank you for making this publicly available. It would be great if you’d submit this to the Blender Foundation to be included as a default add-on in the main Blender releases:


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I’ve tried it in Blender 2.81 under windows 10, and it works fine, after fixing a couple of minor errors.
I share the .diff files so that anyone can apply them.
Thank you for shared this amazing addon.
small_warnings_fix.diff (4.3 KB)


If you think it’s worth it, go ahead and submit it. :slight_smile:

Although I would recommend someone to fix any issues first.


I don’t know if the Blender Foundation accepts submissions from someone else than the developer himself.

And despite the plug icon behind my name on Blender Artists I’m not a developer, so I can’t fix issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would recommend to leave some instructions on how to use the file for the less tech savy users.

extract the source zip file then:

cd to extract location
cd hdripro-hdr-editor-for-blender-690b2e66cd04/python
patch < path/to/small_warnings_fix.diff

You need a Unix style shell with the ‘patch’ command like Git Bash or cygwin or Ubuntu for Windows Bash if you’re on Windows.

Wow this is unbelievable Congratulations

@00Ghz Thanks for releasing the source code for your addon.

I did a fork on Gitlab, Lighting_HDR_Pro_Studio

I did apply @povmaniaco patch, fixed light list text and buttons not showing up (some icons were renamed), and made one zipped release for all operative systems Download release.

I did test on Linux and everything works fine, but i don’t use Windows or OSX, so feedback is welcome.

I hope everything is fine, and if you see something wrong or missing contact me.


So the DLL included is probably the old one from the original source release? Did you make any changes to the cpp to require a rebuild?

The compiled libraries included are the ones from original release, no changes.

But i tried to compile the source code from src folder in Linux with typical cmake setup (mkdir build;cd build;cmake …;make) and it works fine too.

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Alright cool, however:

Addon doesn’t seem to work on Windows in 2.80. General and Lights List in the UV Editor don’t have any options, even with a 32 bit OpenEXR image open and selected. Not sure where to go from here. No errors or anything in Info window or console.

The add-on comes with it’s own workspace, and you need to setup the world first and assign the HDRI.

Ahh, I see it now. World is setup, in the right workspace but when I click “Edit this image”, I get an error about keymapping:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\Downloads\blender\2.8\blender-2.80-windows64\2.80\scripts\addons\lighting_hdr_pro_studio\editor.py", line 187, in execute
  File "D:\Downloads\blender\2.8\blender-2.80-windows64\2.80\scripts\addons\lighting_hdr_pro_studio\editor.py", line 40, in _set_hotkeys
    keymap_items = keyconfigs.active.keymaps['Screen'].keymap_items
KeyError: 'bpy_prop_collection[key]: key "Screen" not found'

I don’t see that error on Linux on 2.80.75 or 2.81.12.
I guess your 2.80 Blender version is the same?

Just using the release version of Blender “v 2.80” in the splash screen.