HDRi images to Blender Cube Maps Converter

I’ve been working a lot with Cube Maps lately.
I’m sharing the file that can convert any 360 degrees Equirectangular High Dynamic Range image to Blender Cube Maps / Environment Maps.

Sorry in advance, but the car isn’t included :wink: it’s just used here to exemplify the functionality and purpose of the converter.

It uses cycles and what it does is baking the environment captured from a cube to an image that blender can read as a Cube/Environment Map.

Cube Maps support was added in Blender 2.77 and it’s a easy way to add reflections to, for example, cars, cups, glasses, etc using blender 3D viewport in GLSL mode.

Works like this:

HDRi examples are from: http://www.hdrlabs.com/sibl/archive.html
I made the car.




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Hi, looks interesting (I could have used this for some Unity projects last year).

What colour depth are the resulting cubemaps? Do they stay HDR?

I’ve only now seen this question, sorry!
It can be saved to any of the Blender export files, including .hdr and .exr that are indeed high dinamic range formats.

Haha! Thanks for the reply. I am working back in Unity now so this may still be useful for low end mobile projects.