HDRI Lightning on a blendswap file using filmic

Took an hour to render on gpu:

Very nice indeed! Congrats.
What is your graphic card, please?

EDIT: May be a lot of presence of the outdoor scene passtrought the windows…

It’s an AMD r9 390X. I rendered @2000 samples.

I tried with the denoiser and this can be rendered in half the time without noise if it can be used with the GPU. The beta builds can only use cpu :confused:

Yeah the background should have been an alpha so you can put anything there but I just wanted to try it to see how far you can get with a few button pushes to create semi realistic lightning.

I also tried to render with light scattering but the graphics card gets to an halt for some reason. It only renders half the speed before it stops.

Added a simple light scatter shader and used denoiser build.

somehow the background trees are off to me. they are too dark and saturated to my eyes