Created an HDRI with Blender + Cycles and used it to light
up this scene that was rendered with Blender + RPR.
No lights in the scene, just the HDRI.


can you explane your workflow for creating hdri please?

Im trying to scale this rings to an average women size in mm. Some of this
rings are from other renderings and scales are off.

Let me get you some info for you on how I made the hdri.

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Ok, this is a picture worth 1000 words :slight_smile:

Trying the Blender Bolt addon.

Trying another. Same HDRI and no lights.

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Here an 11 second render and with the same HDRI but sure.

Another HDRI and took 8 seconds to render.

Another try with a homemade HDRI.

Another render

Another rendering …

Trying out a dark backdrop render.

Looks great! As for modelling the jewellery itself, is that straight Blender or do you use any helpul addons/plugins?

I did not model any of this. Some free models from this
places —



Another model from the net.