Once again I don’t know what to do with a problem i have :)…
This time I am trying to add an HDRI picture to a UVsphere.
I did this with the tutorial onbiorust.

I first made it Smooth and added a material to the UVsphere.
The tut says that the specs need to be set on 0, but I can’t find the specs so I passed this thing. I pressed the ray mirror button and setted the value on 0.5.

Then I added a new texture in the world tab.
I went to the texture tab and putted it to world, setted the texture type to image and choose my hdri pic.

On the next point the tut says that you can change your shadows by pressing the buffer shadows in the shading tab of the lamp.
I could not found the buffer shadows so I also cutted this part.

I rendered it with yafray and used the right setting according to the tutorial
but the render was just a normal UVsphere without that HDRI picture…

I hope some one can tell me what I did wrong or have to change…

Greets, olivier

This works with Blender2.36 and Yafray 0.7

But it doesn’t work with the last blender version and the current version of yafray, it seems you’ll have to wait for the next yafray version.


oef… shit :o

I forgot to use the search of the forum…
But thanks for your answer.