.he just want skate.


A model of this weekend.:o

Is based on: kid’s story of animatrix.:D:eek:

C&C welcome!


one of the best skateboards ihave seen made in blender!

the skate board is sweet, but on the other render try adding a jean-like material to the pant leg, because normal blue doesn’t work. The skateboard is very realistic.

very cool! also try some motion blur to enhance the speed effect

The skate is good, but the leg can be better. The composition is cool, though. BUT : where is the skater’s shadow???

Be well

I’ve only a small criticism on the image on the right. You did a beautiful job of painting up a well used skate deck, but the trucks are pristine. Give them some gouges and grease with varying levels of spec to show age. Also, a dirty band around the wheels from rolling on dirty concrete and asphault. I like your composition in the pic on the left.