HE-MAN Statue | Kfir Merlaub Art

Hi everyone!
It has been quite a while since I uploaded any progress of my art. But as a “Come Back”, here is my one of my latest personal works:

Heman Video on Youtube
A digital statue fan art inspired by He-Man - “The Most Powerful Man In The Universe!”
Created after a personal concept art for this statue.
Sculpted in Blender and Zbrush
Animated and rendered in Blender’s 2.8 EEVEE render engine (Beta)


“I Have the Power!” He-Man
Kfir Merlaub Art © 2019
Kfir Merlaub Art: https://www.kfirmerlaubart.com/

Background Castle Grayskull Art (Used with permission) by:
Ken Colemen

“Intense Suspense” by Audionautix is part of the YouTube Audio Library (https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/…).


This is insane!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Wondeful work, really.
Can You post some wire?
Did you make it only on Blender or also Zbrush?

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Thank you sir!
The wires are all Zbrush automatic retopology. Most of the detailing was done in Zbrush, but the initial layout in Blender, and ofcourse later the animation and rendering.
I really hope that the new Blender gets an official release soon, with all the optimizations, I want to test and see if I can work only in Blender since it will be so much easier and smooth to use one great application for all my purposes. Currently only Zbrush can handle the polycount I need (about 100M verts or so per piece).


You are a true Hero! Fantastic work!


This is stunning. The 80’s child within me is giddy with joy watching this.

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You’re #featured! :+1:

PS: I inserted a hidden thumbnail with a crop that works better for the featured bar. Feel free to replace it with another image.


awesome… simply awesome!

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Your statues are somehow “old school”… remind me of shiflett bros, excellent work! I love it!

If you kept the high poly, pre-bake assets, this model could earn a very nice 3d printed statue to accompany the digital version! it’d probably be very popular on some sites, too

Wow, this is amazing! :heart_eyes:

would pay for a tutorial of your workflow for a full statue ! a simple speed-video of your process would do the work :smile: excellent work

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You really managed to pull off that “toy” look on it (shading-wise). Obviously the detail is near-perfect, too. Great job.

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Just ZRemesher for retopo? Holy…

By the power of Grayscull, it actually looks like you printed and painted it. Awesome!

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Heeyaaaa! What’s going on?!


Actually though, this is ridiculously good. :+1:

hahaha man, you bring me back to my age as a child

I want to 3D print it and then paint it!

but … where is Cringer? :grin:
that coward of a lion is hiding! :rofl:

Stunning man! You even got different setups… Must have been a lot of work or did you adjust some base mesh?

After so many years, seeing various Blender projects, this is by far one of my personal favorites.
Great job!!!

amazing work congrats

Amazing work!!