Is it still being worked on? Haven’t heard anything in a while, and I’d hate to see the project dropped. :expressionless:

I have to say Blender is awesome but it’ll never really be on the same level as other 3D apps till it has N-gons, why people are so backwards about them around here is beyond me. If this were a room, lack of N-gons would be a white elephant.

I hope HE-mesh hasn’t died but I have that feeling I get when my favorite TV show has been canceled…

Is it still being worked on? Haven’t heard anything in a while, and I’d hate to see the project dropped.

About 3 weeks ago there was some one asking the same question here:

I don’t think anyone is working on it at the moment.

Thanks for the info, good to know he’s not dead! Just hope he can get back to it.

As of 2.35a:

Fake Polygons
As an initial step to optimise face selection, you can also merge sets of co-planar faces. Just select a bunch of faces and press the F Key. Note that the selected faces should form a polygon and not have interior vertices.

This new FGon (Fake-Gon, Face-Gon, whatever :slight_smile: feature can be extended in the future to become more ‘real’ n-gon style polygons, especially when subdivide and cut tools, and subdivision surfaces work with it, though right now its usage is limited to hiding edges for large filled polygons.

I seen N-Gons in the C4D demo, and I guess it hides the edges well to make te subdivision of a mesh’s surface smoother with less artifacts…I dunno. I don’t see the advantages of them, but that is only because I suck at modeling.

Well, it’s clear you’ve never used N-gons or (F)ake-gons either. F-gons are useless really, all they do is mimic an N-gon but all the faces used to make them are still there and still shaded separately. F-gons don’t show up in UV-editor, also whenever you preform any operation on them they revert back to the faces used to make them and are lost. Plus the widget isn’t even centered.

N-gons are a great tool in the right hands, N-gons would give you booleans that work just for starters, they aren’t (IMHO) geared toward organic modeling and can really screw you up if you get lazy and over use them but in some cases they are just plain faster, easier and better then tons of tris to do the same thing. I see threads alot on here where people come up with a work around for not having N-gons, taking days to do something that should only take minutes.

They aren’t just used for speed they can also add things like improved subsurf to blender, some kinds of subsurf need N-gons to work correctly. Blender is great, but untill it gets it’s head out of the sand about N-gons it’ll be lacking a very important tool of 3D modeling.

Here are some links if you aren’t sure how N-gons work. All I could dig up on short notice but they explain what a N-gon is pretty well.