Head Creator Script

(SHABA1) #1

I download this script from ingie’s web site, www.ingiebee.com It use to be on the blender site in the communiity journals. Well I ran it and it creates have and head split veritically down the middle. After reading the instructions I decided that I wanted to try it out. But even before doing that I wanted to see if I could make the other half of the head. So I shited-D key and then S key and x key to reverse it along the blender z axis. Ok that worked fine but the duplicate is totally black in the shaded mode ( the mode the scipt starts in) So I though the normals were reverse inward so I trie the flip normals button. But the dupe was still black. Afer going to the blender chat irc room and asking this question somone there suggest using CTRL-N to recalculate the normal. so I did that. The dupe is still black.

Does anyone know what is wrong. The instructions do not cover this. The just say shift D and then Ctrl-j to join. It did not even cover the skey x key part. I had to find that out for myself in carsteens book.

(theeth) #2

I already answered that in the Python forum :slight_smile: