Head-legs creature

Hello, I decided to broaden my herd of funny creatures and did this one.
I also wanted to try a combined workflow with 3d coat + blender, and I have to say that besides some bigger problems with displacement I was very satisfied since without those problems the whole creative process of this would take about 10-12 hours. Many things aren’t perfect in it, but I took it just as a little practice. The timing was like 3 hours sculpting, 1.5 hours retopo, 20 minutes uv, 2 hours texturing, shaders, hair & simple light setup about 5 hours(rendering times…), but there were like 5 extra hours of export trouble (baked the displacement in blender finally, still had to do manual painting into it).herer’s a little making of and the final images, you can see some badly made symmetry on the right side of face under eye:

edit: just realized bartist shrinks images, for higher res go here:

lol, that is funny, gj too, looks nice

Just noticed the images are quite dark(probably even darker on other monitors), so did run them through curves…

Thats the UGLIEST thing I’ve seen in ages… Nice work :smiley:

This is a wonderfully surreal creature, it reminds me of Beatles or Monty Python imagery at the height of 60’s drugery. He’s a bit to freaky for my liking, but fantastically sculptured and textured, I would love to see him animated in a scene . Brilliant work 5* for freakiness.

Hi, just finished rendering a turntable animation of him on the open render environment web service :slight_smile:
here it is:


you can clearly see it has some bugs since some frames seem to drop, but I am satisfied anyway, I would render this one for ages on my computer.

Damn, you did good job on that. But… Why do that sick stuff? I mean do some nice car or other more real monster. :wink:

Mister Pildanovak:

You did an excellent job here. You might get comments of people don’t liking it because it is too freaky…I must tell you that those
Mickey Mouse times are over. This stuff sells, average public like it even young kids etc…etc…I understand that a mom expects her child looking at sweet little beard…but there is nothing compared with creatures out of your mind, unrealistic and grouse if we can say that. Look Harry Potter, star wars, the Joker in Batman etc etc…keep it up!

Actually if I am not mistaking it, the new Blender Movie is about monsters and creatures:evilgrin: (Durian Project)

5/5! Can you rig it? Or make a short animated demo?

This is amazing Vilda!!! Great work!!!

I want to see him rigged and animated!