Head Modeling help

I need tips on how to make the neck and the rest of the head… and add in any comments on how this rookie can improve on the head… sorta one of my first.

Also how do u make hair appear on a head w/o it appearing on all of it… (i dun know how to use dat weight pain t technique used in this link:

Thank you for the link to that great tutorial, I have not seen that yet.
As for your questions, your edge loops look good, as far as animating it, I might scale the whole head in the “x” axis to make it a little less tall.
What I did on m y first head was to add a sphear to the scene and place it just so in the head and then modeled around the sphear to get a nice shape, then remove the sphear from the scene.
As for the hair, befor I say yor link to the tutorial, I used this technique.
first select the verts of the head where you want hair, then duplicate them, and move them straight up or back, so you can see all of the dulicated verts, while the verts are still selected, hit the “P” key, this seperates the verts into a new object i.e. the hair
once you have the hair mesh, you can mess with the particales untill you get a desired result,
hope this helps

thnx… i think i will try box modelling,… the contour modelling can be hard if you plan to finish the whole head xD.
also i will try that hair technique. =)