head modeling problem!

in step 3 of the “using subsurf for head modeling” tutorial by olivier saraja, i seem to be having a problem getting the second eye in place.could someone enlighten me on the steps to take, cause i am lost.thanx

Could you give more details about what kind of problems you’re having?

A link to the tute would be nice too.

Could be this one:


but there’s no eye modelling in step 3. If it is this tutorial, I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way. I don’t really like modelling a symmetric model on both sides separately. I just model one side and use alt-d and mirror to duplicate so the left side reflects the right as you model. Then when you’re done, just join the halves.

Even if you prefer to model the other way, this can help your situation because all you do is delete the entire right side of your head in edit mode, duplicate the remaining vertices and flip them around the exact center. Finally use remove doubles and you have two symmetric sides.