Head modeling video's

(Poju) #1

I came a cross these video’s and tought that you might be intrested.
Video’s ar for LightWave 3d, but priciple is same, isn’t it?

Anyway here is link: http://www.lightwave3d.com/tutorials/modeling/head/index.html

(blengine) #2

lightwaves modeler is VERY different! good chances are the video will be little help for blenderers because lightwave has many awesome tools like welding and slice and a bunch of different modeling tools that will no doubt show up in the video :-?

(Timonides) #3

Well, I haven’t seen the videos yet… but I think that even if they are lightwave oriented, they can still give a few good ideas, about modelling a head…

I’ll give them a look… :wink:

Thanks for the link…


(IngieBee) #4

If you are interested in modeling videos, imgranpaboy has some on his site. he’s one of the best Blender modelers around. What is his site’s address? Sorry, I’m at work, no time to look up, but not hard to find, look for one of his posts :wink: