Head of old man

First picture is the wireframe, second a close up of the nostrils, with which I’m having trouble (the stuff up by the root of the nose is easily fixable in photoshop, but that stuff by the nostrils is not) and finally a crappy render from someone who’s yet to find out how to do that textures thing.

Comments, criticism and advice, please :slight_smile:


looks like you got some weird things going there… try turning down the specularity on the skin material… and try recalculating normals(Ctrl-N in edit mode with all verts selected). other than that… good job

Does not look like an old man to me. If you are trying to make a realistic head
you have a bit more to do but it’s getting there.


Okay, a little progress report - I’ve made the back of the head and recalculated normals and… well, I get two kinds of wrong to choose from, neither of which fix the nose.

If anyone wants to help, I could upload the .blend file someplace :o

And again, treat me like an idiot here - I’ve been doing 3D for less than 2 weeks, so it’s not like I’ll be insulted :smiley:


Update. Ears are a bitch :mad:


Tell me about it. :wink: Looks great, though, for only 2 weeks of 3D modeling practice.

As you can see they’re not even properly fastened to his head :stuck_out_tongue:

I solve that by painting on some sideburns. I’ve dune that, plus a whole bonch of other stuff in the following image.

But am I done? Oh, no…