Head Study

I am doing a series of head sculpt studies to study head anatomy. My reference material is “Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis”. So what I’m attempting to follow right now is the Andrew Loomis way of making heads.

I’ve done quite a handful of sculpts already. But so far, the little replies I get from other forums make no mention of where exactly I did wrong. Some people instead, really like what I did, its a mixed camp. In the end, I’m confused.

I’ve noticed I’m always forgetting proper spacing between the eyes (too far apart usually).



Here were exercises on exaggerated/stylized proportions. I was concentrating on the face, with little regard to the back of the head.






Receding jaw. From this point on, I started giving attention to the ears, head, and the few parts of the neck.



Portruding jaw.


If these were characters in a game then great, they look like a load of smugglers or something :wink:

As far as realistic heads go, they’re not perfect but for slightly a caricatured/cartoonish style they’re great, depends what you’re going for :wink:

Well general advice is dial things back 20% :wink: and you’ve got some hard creases in there that make them look like they’ve got 0% body fat, overall very good though, full of character.