Head WIP -- Sculpt Mode

So far this is as successful as I’ve been with modeling heads. It’s supposed to be kind of exaggerated. I did it pretty much with sculpt mode… and I used TheRenderinKiwi’s skin shader. Any C&C would be of great help, since I’m kind of a noob at this:) .

eewwwww…he loooks like he just got out of a 30 minute session in the microwave…


It’s not very detailed at all. The rough proportions aren’t bad, in a cartoony sort of way, but I’ll need to see more before being able to make any type of decision. Also, your lighting is terrible. One single oblique spotlight is a terrible setup, I’m not sure why so many people use it.

All right, I’ll fix the lighting. I’m not sure how to make the model more detailed, though, besides adding eyes and that sort of thing. And yes, cartoony is what I’m aiming for.