About an hours work, its was only to get away from coding, so most likely I wont pick it up again but maybe when I need another break I’ll pick it up again and work on the basted nose.



I like the skin and eyes, but the shape of the face looks off. More so than the nose.

Noses are tough. The nostrils should be much larger. As for the face shape, it is a bit off. The Jowls are a bit big and it looks like the uppper part of the head isn’t quite finished which contributes to the odd shape.

I dont think there is anything wrong with the shape. The head isnt full, but the face is a good shape.
Mouth needs some work as well as the nose, but I think this is great so far.

looks to me like you have fixed the nose already. the first image it was off. but its looking alot better. although its hard to tell with that tex on. nice geometry. mind posting a low poly W/F? id like to see how you placed your edges. i have to say i like how you closed off the nose. alot of people tend to drop in a tri rathre than using a quad like that. and on slightly closer inspection his jaw seems to widen a little sharply. nice work though


Nice work in progress. It is difficult making a head, I am working on one too. Have you used the “optimal” button while meshing? I think it helps a lot while tweaking the vertices.

Maybe I can post a wire rendering of mine (the nose), but that YafRay doesn’t do WIRE, does anyone know how to do that in YafRay?