Headphones SMC

Originally started as a smc for blender battles, time limit was one hour. But after i looked at it I decieded that i could make a finished project out of it, any c&c is highly appreciated.


Full version…

p.s. sorry for inconvience with link to the full version but i didnt want to split the topic

thank you


I love yous style, very clean and beautifull. Nice lightning btw.

But the wire that enters the nearest headphone…er…speaker or so, it looks really heavy and should be a bit moore bended so that it looks more like a wire than a string. (I know it is just a detail but you siad you wanted to finish it nicely so I’dd change it if it was up to me. :D)

I like the cameraposition a lot but I can imagine that some people wouldn’t fully recoldnise it cos you can’t fully see the complete headphone.

Really really good so far. (If you’dd make a 1024x768 render I will use it as my desktop wallpaper :D)

Thank you for your reply, I tried to make some changes but it didn’t look good yet, I will post an update as soon as I make a decent one.