dont know what else i could do to make it look better so here you go.
The CD texture looks a bit weird but the radial stuff is hard to work with.

For some reason the cd and case loks like its floating but its not, its VERY VERY close to the table.
Was looking for realism


C & C Welcome.

hm… the cd needs some work. First off, the cd is just a color band. Change that. You need a smoother bit of colors, and use a .hdr image for the reflections. Nice job :slight_smile:

I agree about the CD. It looks more like the colors were… ‘burned’ on it. I would suggest some specular effects to make it look like the colors were a reflection. Maybe add a texture to the table, wood or something, to make the overall scene seem less bland. Otherwise, I think it looks good. And did you use booleans for the ‘L’ on the headphones?

I think the parts look like they are floating due to your reflection on the table. Applying textures might help. Especially considering that cd casing is transparent.

Thanks for the comments

arcticsnpr: will do, like i said its hard to work with. The biggest problem is that the material doesnt come out like the texture. It goes darker. But thasnks for the comments. I will try to improve the cd.
Also, about the HDRI thing. I tried using a normal angular map once (.jpg) and it worked but the problem is it show up on the background. I know that it should do in ‘real life’ but for a render i dont want it becaue its all blury and doesnt look so good. All i want is the reflection. How do i do that?

DarkSeraphim: I tried adding spec to the texture but it doesnt seem to affect the material.
The ‘L’ was made with a texture with a nor value that was positioned using an empty. Didnt know any other way to do it.
Ill try out other textures with the table. Thanks for the comment

postlogic: Thought it could be that. But i didnt know what icould do to make the angle of reflection less. How does blender calculate it? Is it just the angle of the viewpoint?
Because i want to keep the reflections but take away the ‘floating’