Health Bars and Highscores

Now. I’m about this close to finishing a Blender Asteroids game, but I can’t get the health bars to work. I can get the health bar set up; however, I can’t get the bar to react to the ‘health’ property that I’ve set up.

Exact set up. I have a ship model parented to an empty which has a ‘health’ property ‘int’ every time it collides with my ‘asteroid’ property it lowers the health property. I just can’t figure out how to make the bar parallel to the ‘health’ property. I wanna do this while the health bar is in a different scene. I want to Overlay that healthbar on every level. I wanna finish this game and publish it.

Also. Is there a tutorial on how to make high score menus?

You need to have the property on the health bar itself and use a property ipo to play it. That means you don’t even need the empty you were talking about. Just make your ship send out a message every time it takes a hit, and have the property on your health bar go down when it recieves that message. As for high scores, I’m sure there’s a tutorial on this site, but it probably will need some scripting to store the data in a seperate file, so that it keeps the scores after you close the exe.