Health System (zelda type)

If you’ve played zelda you’ll know how the health system works… You have let’s say 3 hearts and those 3 hearts are all split into 4, so that’s 3 * 4 = 16, you have a total of 16 life…

but obvously, some enemies do more then just 1/4 some do 3/4 and some do 2/4 or 1 and 2/4, whatever…

What I want to know is how they make it so the heart is split into 4 parts. In blender how would I make it so I only have to use 1 object and be able to split the object into parts that disappear if I get hurt…

I’m sorry if I’m explaining it badly… For example:
If have 3 hearts, like I said they are all split in 4 parts… You get hit my an enemy and quarter of your heart disappears…

How would I do that?

Thanks for your support,

In Yo Frankie they did one different object for each amount of health you can have. Leave those on layer two. Then replace the mesh of health bar with the one with the image of the current health every time you get hit.

Doesn’t sound very efficient but there aren’t many alternatives. Check the hud/hud.blend on yo frankie files and you can see how they do it.

Maybe another way to do it would be video textures, but I don’t know how to control those.

I think this tutorial will get you what you’re after ->


hey this might help me out!

wow, thanks Otori Scorp! That looks like a nice tutorial, I’ll be sure to look at it, thanks, but the thing about that is that I keep on having to make different textures for each of them… I was thinking of something along shape keys or something :confused:

you could always make a simple IPO animation, and then have only say 7 frames in the animation of a plane with a texture of 3 hearts, each frame of animation scale it on the Y axis (camera view depending, oh - and making sure to make the centre of the object at the very far end of the plane for scaling to work properly) and do something like below…

Frame 1: 3 Hearts
Frame 2: 2 1/2 Hearts
Frame 3: 2 Hearts
Frame 4: 1 1/2 Hearts
Frame 5: 1 Heart
Frame 6: 1/2 Heart
Frame 7: Rotate Z 180 (and be sure not to render draw backface

Or don’t you think it would be easier to just use armatures?

Not for 7 frames I wouldn’t think so - but I guess that’ll be your call :slight_smile:

Not entirely on-topic, but… 3*4 = 12. :rolleyes: