I called this one “heart”

Expand if resized by browser.

Here’s a tip in case you didn’t know about it: on some computers pressing F11 causes your web browser to enter “full screen” mode, and pressing it again causes it to toggle back to normal. Can be useful for viewing big renders :wink:

Well, this began as my 2.34 splash submission, different coloration, smaller of course :slight_smile: and grew a bit from there.


it looks pretty cool. i like the smoothness on the edges

Nice! I got scared when the pic was pixelated on my screen…until I realized firefox shrunk it. Whew…Looks great when it’s the size intended! :wink: F11 does the trick!


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Browser image resizing is a concern I have, as often the web browser can do it, and crappily so, and people might not know they’re not seeing the image as it was intended to be viewed.

One solution is to make smaller renders, but then many people want larger renders… :slight_smile:


Nice work Bob. It seems to me you’re in an abstract period in your artist life :slight_smile:
Keep up.

Oooh - I like this.
I always find that I can warm to simple shapes and designs if they’ve got the right feel.

This has the right feel for me.

I certainly like it more than my Blackcurrant Dream. :smiley:


looks very nice dude. keep up the work.

Thanks for the supportive feedback everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been working in concrete mode for a while now, so this abstract piece was nice for a change.


If you don’t want an image to automatically resize, you just need to place the image on a html page, this should stop it from resizing. If it doesn’t work automatically, just add 'galleryimg=“no” to the image tag.

This should be on the splash screen of the next version of blender. You should submit this to the official gallery.

I like it…and not a trace of blue anywhere :wink:

:o my eyes are gonna fall out nice 1 dude

Very nice but too much pink ;), what is it?

Looks good indeed!!! I like abstract works! Keep up the red and pinky color. I like it!

Very nice, very shiny and chromy. Very abstract as well.