heat haze in GLSL , <how ?>


after i have noticed those effects in here
i was wondering , can i make heat haze all over the screen ? or even at specific areas on the screen ???
if you don’t know what heat haze is …
example 1

example 2
the desired effect that the pixels swirls in specific small areas … <preferably defined by png or an image > …

Heat haze is technically a refraction effect, so I’m not sure if “pixel-pushing” would look right. The main problem would be the fact that the output would be constantly changing (that is, every frame redraws the screen), so any kind of “pixel-pushing” couldn’t be smooth.

Hi 3D-Guru

Heat haze (as can be seen in Tombraider Legend) is a post-effect. Imho it should be possible with BlendX at the very moment. You might think about posting a request where Toonist will read it. He should be able of some quick help. I myself haven’t had any time left until now to try BlendX, so i could be wrong.

thanks guys ,


wow @_@ ! , this can be cool , do you mean that we can move “shift” a line of pixels or even stretch it :slight_smile:
it will be crazy to see it in BGE :slight_smile:

guys , do you mean that we can achieve this in the engine ?
thanks , posting will be too apreciated :slight_smile: