"Heaven Knows." (this angel has flown.)

Heaven Knows.
(this angel has flown.)

I should have clipped her wings.



*Credits in the comments!


Tried something a bit different this time.

// Textures
Textures from polyhaven, and textures(.)com

// Models
8-inch GE Dr6 Traffic Signals by Signalrenders
Barrier by Maxim Mavrichev
Concrete Barrier / Drum Barrel / Fences by Myjato
Free Building Pack by Max Hay
Lowpoly Concrete Barrier by l0wpoly
Metal Pipe by Veninhu
Modular Pipes by Lashley
Roadworks Barrier by staticcc
Trash bags by Bohdan Lvov
Trash Can by bazz4r

Are these SketchFab models?

This is a cool scene, and I appreciate you adding credit- however, your attribution isn’t compliant with CC-BY. Your attribution for each used asset should look like this:

“Old Machinery” (https://skfb.ly/6WQSq) by Fael D is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

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Hello! Oh, my bad, I didn’t notice the attribution.

Yes almost all of the credits are from Sketchfab. One quick question (also for future reference hehe), does the phrase “licensed under Creative Commons Attribution” have to be put for each one? or can it be of reference of multiple credits?

Whoops, I’ve been pretty busy and this almost slipped my mind!

// Here is the full attribution of the 3D Models:
*Sketchfab Models are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
- “8-Inch GE Dr6 Traffic Signals” by Signalrenders
- “Barrier” by Maxim Mavrichev
- “Concrete Barrier / Drum Barrel / Fences” by Myjato
- Free Building Pack by Max Hay
- “Lowpoly Concrete Barrier” by l0wpoly
- “Metal Pipe” by Veninhu
- “Modular Pipes” by Lashley
- “Roadworks Barrier” by staticcc
- “Trash bags” by Bohdan Lvov
- “Trash Can” by bazz4r “Trash can”

Unfortunately, it seems as though some of the models have been deleted from Sketchfab, as some models were obtained back in 2022.