Heavy cruiser flyby

Recently installed Ubuntu, and I wanted to test the render speed so I kinda threw this together, Basically its just a short spaceship flyby in windows avi format. I did like the way the nebulas came out tho, I have to say the render speed was really very nice, in fact its so nice , I think I can finally start doing a lot more animations(windows really eats up resources!). I havent done to much animation so…keep that in mind.

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Thats was pretty cool :slight_smile: Made me think of BSG for some reason.

Thanks, what is bsg ?

BattleStar Galactica

the nebula is what strikes me the most, mind sharing the technique?

Basically the nebula are just planes distorted with the proportional editing tool,
with a halo material, I posted the blend file.

The blendfile link goes to a thoroughly broken page in firefox anyway

Just a small suggestion :slight_smile: if you’d like more people to view your work, please don’t put your video’s into an archived file.

Unless you’re using raw avi’s (which you shouldn’t do) it makes no sense to zip/rar/7z them. It will usually not make them much smaller.

yea, the blend file link is broken

I fixed the link.