3D model based on the artwork by Salvador Trakal.
Blender+Eevee gave me a full control over many things which I couldn’t pull out in Marmoset. Love it!

Small reel of this character

More here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EV8qVK


Great pose with nice sense of weight and flesh softness!!!
Great sculpting as well!

You could probably get away with a bit more SSS on the skin shader, and maybe less spec at the same time.


Very nice work!

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Thanks for your reply, means much to me! :blush:
About SSS - you are right, I wanted it a bit more but then it started to wash away some details and I’m kinda failed finding a better solution for this. The skin itself quite dry though, so I was adding some wet srtokes by hand, in all the right places :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, glad you like it! :blush:

Did you check the “separate albedo” option? That tends to be the bane of decent skin shading in eevee. Don’t know why it’s not on by default honestly.

It’s also helpful (to me at least) to play all secondary roughness (like wet skin) in the clearcoat slot and not in the base roughness.

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What @xalener said.

Another thing that helps is fine tuning the AO in eevee. AO will bring back a lot of the washed out detail.
Also don’t forget you can bake (fake AO) in vertexColors (you need a hiRez mesh for this) using VertexPaint>Paint>DirtyVertexColors. You can then use this vertexColor layer to mix in with your Diffuse. Or even have 2 shaders with different SSS settings and use that as the mix Factor. I assume you know this already, but you’d need a ColorRamp after that VertexColor/Attribute Node, in order to tweak it just right.

I could send a screenshot, but you can find a lot of better examples out there :slight_smile:

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I think I was checking and un-checking many things there but probably was doing it wrong. I will look upon it!
And about clearcoat, that sounds really handy, I will definitely use it in my next work, thank you!

Yes, I do have AO baked in SP but that fakeAO technique sounds interesting, will try that too!
I’ve just only tried utilize Thickness map with the help of some Ramp node and I really need to play with these things you mentioned, thanks!
Well if you already have such node setup that you can screenshot that would be uber awesome :wink:

best artwork ive seen today.

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Thank you and glad you liked it!

Sent you a PM.
Don’t want to derail your epic thread here :slight_smile:

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I’d Buy That for a dollar!

Great work, PROPS!


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Haha thats ok!
Thank you once again! :slight_smile:

I havent thought about selling it cause it’s based on one artist artwork, but I might ask him of that. Cheers!

great work!

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Thank you ^^