Heavy Weaponry

I made this weapon for a challenge as well as a chance to test out Quixel Mixer 2020 texture painting capabilities and i must admit, it’s quite amazing

Challenge link:

Some maps made from quixel mixer 2020

Metalness -
Roughness -

My comparison between Painter & Mixer is quite simple, Mixer allow me to produce way more realistic texture from the vast amount of megascan assets they have, while Painter allow me to create custom texture since it work with Substance Designer.
When it comes to realism, Mixer beat Painter by a mile with their new tools that allow you to paint those imperfection maps now. But Painter is still stronger in term of custom texturing. Now that i have my first test with Mixer, i think for future realistic project i’ll stick with Mixer.


Some more renders, i was in the mood for some unique lighting setup


Awesome work. The details is super. I love the second batch of renders too. Very cool.

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Thanks a lot !

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!

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Thanks a lot Bart !

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As you seem to be one of the few people on here to have used Mixer2020 for a project, I wonder if you’d mind if I asked you something?

I know you said that it was a really good option for ‘realistic’ renders compared to substance painter, but what do you think it would be like using Mixer for more stylised texturing?

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That depend on how “stylized” your project is, if its something like Valorant or Fortnite style then i think Painter will provide the better tools for that, since they have a vast & flexible selection of tools for handpainting. Mixer on the other hand, utilize baked maps like AO & Curvature for the mixing, their painting tool & utility cant rival Painter pretty well right now but i hope they’ll continue the development.