Heavymetal band cover (Seraphidian - Caged) (Update)

Just a flash back (found this while googling)

Hello dudes and donnas,
Jono Bacon (journalist, writer, musician, kde-developer) visited blenderchat and asked if somebody would want to do cover art for their band’s new album. I said I’d think about it.
Well, I started doing something and mailed him some links, about two weeks ago. Anyway, he hasn’t answered since, I’ve sent him two mails from different mail-addresses and got no reply. There wasnt anything wrong with the messages, everything was clear. But I never got an answer. The deadline should be this month’s end.

Anyway, since it seems that he won’t answer me, I don’t see any reason not to post the pics here if they’re not gonna be in the cover, and so be in secret until the release of the album, so here are some wips.

If you care to comment, do so. The pictures are in date order, from older to later. I dont really like the pics. It’s not a quality question.
http://koti.mbnet.fi/falgor/questroom/3d/roar.jpg http://koti.mbnet.fi/falgor/questroom/3d/roar2.jpg
http://koti.mbnet.fi/falgor/questroom/3d/caged-wip5.jpg http://koti.mbnet.fi/falgor/questroom/3d/caged-wip5b.jpg

LOVE IT !!! absolutley beautiful :smiley:

That band looks pretty crazy with the cover like that, the modeling is pretty good though.

This is a lot of work to be doing for someone else for free. If it was a paid agreement, then I think that it is total crap that he would just kill the communication. I’ve been stiffed before, it sucks!

Anyways, it is a really good model, but is in serious need of a neck. The floating head thing never sat well with me. And the part where the eyes and nose cross is just a little too pronounced. It almost looks like he is wearing glasses. Keep on experimenting with the lighting too. Good luck.

Well. Thanks for the comments. It could use a neck, and the eyes are quite strong in terms of form. Actually, the head is an older model I’ve made before, but still it is a lot of work (the face experssion and the curvy things).
The eyes material is meant to be like that, but I could change it and test.

It’s stupid, he hasnt sent any reply at all. Well, anyway, nobody can use this pics as a cover art because they are so small.

Awesoome face, I really like the red one with blue eyes. The eyes just make the face soo cooler. Anyways I really want to see the end results, I keep an eye on this :stuck_out_tongue:

mommy… :frowning:

Well… hehe, I dont really know what to do after this except tweak and add the lower part of the neck… Since the guy hasnt commented on it or anything… but I guess I’ll just continue, its good for practise anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an update. I really didn’t make any progress untill in this pic. I didnt know how to light it better.


Wicked stuff Falgor.

As for the lighting, maybe try a nice raytraced spotlight from above and slightly behind the head so you get some nice strong shadows. Or a light directly overhead.


Thanks, BgDM. That’s what I’m trying, but I’ve been only using basic lights/lamps.

Ok, here’s the final wip and a second version of it. I think the next time, if I am gonna post about this, it will in the finished projects. Comment if you want to. It’s going this way in the “final” version, if there is going to be one.

http://koti.mbnet.fi/falgor/questroom/caged-wip5.jpg second version > http://koti.mbnet.fi/falgor/questroom/caged-wip5b.jpg

That’s sick :smiley: , love it!

I don’t love it. I just made it for this guy. And it’s always practise. But I am satisfied with the results considering the subject.

If he does not reply, punch him :wink:

Now that is what I was talking about! Awesome lighting Falgor.

I prefer the second version, as a personal preference. The first is really nice as well, but I like the brighter second version a little more. Again, just personal preference here.


very good falgor. I like the darker one (left).

little bit reminds me of one german(I think) artist… played around with bandages and metallic things like that… hmm… he had a weird name, I get back on you with that once I find him…


Nice that I caught your drift BgDM :stuck_out_tongue: . Don’t have to explain so much, I won’t be offended :). Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue: . I remember now that there was an ad in an old ps1 mag that had kinda same style as this pic, it was about some virus or something.

I just wanted to post another message, if Jono ever would come here. I think it was rude of him, not to answer my emails (which were several), I think I even tried to skype him. If someone contacts and gives a task, I think it’d be quite appropriate to keep in touch even after that.
It’s like he moved to bermuda. Maybe he found out I used windows (I think he’s a writer for Linux journal).
If you see him on the street, tell him that “Oh, boy, you should’ve replied those mails.”

its good modelling, and it shouldn’t goto to waste. With some photoshop and a LITTLE magic, i could be an awsome cover.