"Heavyness" of vertex painting

i Have wondered this for a while now and the game im working on uses it alot in place of lights, how “heavy” on your pc’s hardware

Is this a question?

Vertex paint provides a better performance then real time lightning.

well i new that but is it going to afect performance greatly if its used alot, i mean alot like every object on the level is using it.

Hmmmm… considers


I doubt that is the issue if you are having performance problems. If you post a .blend I’m sure people will take a look and help you out. Otherwise, no that shouldn’t be a problem as far as I know.

If you look at the objects you might find that they all have vertex color. Just with the same white. Colloring vertex is not much work. Calculating texture coordinates has mutch more impact on performance.
If you really want to know, create a modell with lots and lots of faces. When you run the game engine it should impact you framerate. (<30)
Then apply lots of vertex colors to the mesh. That should be easy with vertex paint.
Run this version and compare the framerate against the one from the mesh before.

Let us know if you can see a significant difference.

ok i ran the test 98000 faces or like 196000 triangles runs at 29 fps and with vetex paint it runs at 28.5 fps so ya no difrence even with a redicules amount of polygons