heck slow renderer

(kos) #1

the blender-publisher2.25 renderer is damn slow :x …it takes 10 times more time to render an image than the b2.23.i rendered my new secrete project in b2.23 in approx 40 secs while it takes more than 3 mins to render the same thing in 2.25.what could be wrong?

(Eric) #2

60*3/40=4.5!=10 :stuck_out_tongue: …but seriously, I dunno why.

(Ecks) #3

are the two different version on the same computer or different one?
because if one is on linux and the other on windows, linux will render a little faster…

(Eric) #4

Thats a known fact, and would go for most apps.

(theeth) #5

the problem with 2.25 is GUI rendering. If you use command line rendering, it’s as fast as 2.23.


(Eric) #6

Uh huh?..I know that the gui is opengl accellerated but is it so much heavier than 2.23? :slight_smile:

(theeth) #7

I think it’s a bug with the redraw procedure or something like this.

all I know is that GUI rendering is slower than command line, so you could assume that something changed in the way they draw it.

the redraw bug was confirmed by eeshlo.


(thatbrikwal) #8

command line rendering? how do you do that?

(seval) #9

For some reason, the only time the rendering process takes longer for me, is when I use subdivided surfaces. Could the new feature be slowing it down?—

(paradox) #10

subdivision surfaces is in both 2.23 and 2.25. The rendering problem has been in Publisher since it came out. I remember sending a bug report on how the rendering took longer and made bigger files with a comparsion of the same scene between 2.25 and 2.23 .(This was done the day before NAN made its bankruptsy notice. :slight_smile: Now maybe the problem will be corrected. But publisher still has great features and if you just want to render something just use 2.23 or command line.

(theeth) #11

open a command line window (DOS, if you use Windows)
go to the Blender directory and type

blender.exe -b c:/path/example.blend -a

to render an animation and type this:

blender.exe -b c:/path/example.blend -f 17

to render frame 17

of course, change the path to point to the blend file you want to render and the frame argument to the one you want to render.

be sure to specify the output format (in the display window) you want before starting a command line rendering.

I hope that’s clear.


(bmax) #12