**Hedgehog in his chestnut**

Insta Pix_SypHi everyone,
I present to you, my new project and more precisely the challenge I set myself, I try to imagine a mix of fruit and animal.
I used only blender, I have never used so many particles of my life smiley
I’m not a pro I learned alone so please be indulgent but I would like to have your advice and remark to progress.
Thank you in advance to the whole community
You can follow me on Instagram @Pix_Syp
Have a nice day


I think it’s cute, well executed, and just a little bit disturbing.

Well done.

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I actually really like it! It’s very original.
The only one tip I may give you is to dare a little bit more with lighting. It can help make your art pop!


Hi, thanks you for afdvises and feedback. I note for the light, it is true that it is very important and very complicated also :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hi, ohhh thank you very much :heart:

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