Heidi Ho! Gots a hardware question?

Its been awhile since I was on BlenderArtist. Just now getting over some mild depression and getting motivated about Blender again, among other things.

Im wanting to do a 720p 2-5 minutes animation, with complicated compositing, like Start Trek or Star Wars scene.

What aspect as the system hardware would need the most attention. I was looking at two “VelociRaptors 6gb/s” in RAID0. Would mb/s be the main bottleneck with doing composting? This would be set with an i7 Quad or 6core with 3/2gb_1600/cl6.


mh not sure if you need a raid.
just a fast 2nd disk to render to would do it.


Thanks cekuhnen.

where would I find the settings or How-To, setup the 2nd drive to render to, in Blender?

While I have your attention, what warrants a Quadro over a Geforce, when would one be needed? I went from a Intel Q6600(First Gen quadcore) with a Quadro1700(aka Geforce 8600) 512MB & 4GB DDR2 800mhz/CL4 to an i7 920(Quadcore with HT) with a Geforce GTX 260/1.8GB & 6GB DDR3 1333Ghz/cl9. And what a huge difference.


oh just plug the 2nd HD as a slave or SATA into your Desktop PC. Thats it.
This way windows, blender runs all from the master but you render and save to the slave.
external FIREWIRE disks to it as well.

The GTX 260 is not bad.

Quadro 1700 not so good

well the GPU is one thing. for games needed.
But well GPU rendering is getting more a topic and for that it makes sense to aim
for a faster GPU depending on the real need you have for shorter render times.
and well depending on the money you can spend on it.


thanks again cekuhnen.

Been looking forward to see what Fermi Quadro will give us, although Id have to get the aka GTX 470/460, Im guessing Quadro 4900. Hope its more than 1.5GB/DDR5.

Well there is always hotter hardware to own but do we also always need them?

Anyway good luck with your restart in live, I know how it feels to be under depression,
and good luck with Blender.

For that you might also want to check out the new 2.5 builds. The render branch is great.

Maybe I missed understood you?

Do I really need a Quadro right now? My initial guess was no.

Ill be building a new system at the first of the Year, and wanting something that will last me a few years. Id be happy with a GTX 470 if my re-draws werent a pain in the a$$. Right now my 260 isnt giving me any hassle but Im using an older driver. I dont game, even though thats what got me into DCC, Classic Sierra & Classic Lucas Arts.

And this current system will be used for rendering, Intel 920/HT. SO, no hurry on getting my renders. But I will be looking into batch rendering, two systems rendering the same scene?

SHane c.