Height field generation

Just saw this on /.

Looks really cool and easy. Feel like playing with my camera now :slight_smile:
Haven’t read the siggraph paper yet, so I wonder how hard/easy it would be to implement…

Thanks for pointing this out. Very cool, indeed! I can’t help but to think we can do something like this in the compositor. Need to read the paper…

There’s no apparent link to the paper on the website I linked to, but I found them after a bit.

http://aig.cs.man.ac.uk/research/daedalus/hallucination.php (pdf download)

I don’t know what the software part does in this method. I looks like something that can be done already in Blender, but I guess it’s not as simple as that?
I couldn’t find an explanation/description of the generated ‘albedo map’ (nothing on wikipedia), since I haven’t heard the term before, but apparently it’s big when it comes to planets surfaces. What 3D software can use these albedo maps today?

Albedo means diffuse in this case.