Height map and landscape

Hi All,

I’m trying my hand at landscaping using height maps but have ran into a very small problem.

When I have applied my height map to the subdivided plane and have pressed ‘noise’ multiple times, the deformation of the landscape doesn’t look like I imagined it would.

It looks as though Blender is using the height map multiple times all over the subdivided plane rather than taking the information once and applying this to the whole plane. I end up with a plane full of mini versions of the landscape as if the height map has been divided and multiplied over the area.

I image it could be a button which I have/haven’t pressed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



How do you apply the heightmap? Try to uv map it and use the displacement modifier to do the displacement. This gives you more control and enables you to use a subsurfmodifier to increase the vertice count in away that does not effect display in the 3d view.