Height map Final fantasy VIII

how i can make a height map from this


simply put, you cant. you could scuplt a landscape based on what you see mapped on a plane.

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good to know thank´s a lot

That’s not exactly true, as I can be done but you would need a far better image to work with… As High-rez as you can find… and remember it will only be as good as the original texture! ( not a true to image or game heightmap but something anyway)!

Take it into Gimp or PS and desaturate the colors…gives you a nice Grey-scale then add a Gaussian Blur to soften it up…export as your Heightmap…
( just grabbed the screen image for this…)


thanks alot thats awesome

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how i can make the mountains look like mountains in gimp from your height map the brown segments

Convert your image to greyscale, and play around with your contrast and level settings. You should be able to eek out some more depth info doing that.

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thank´s alot that help´s me a lot

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Just in case…You can use Materialize to create a Height/Normal etc from a Diffuse texture…it’s Free

Just gave it a try ( I forgot about it ) and using the clone tool on the original image you can smooth out the water and drop down or re-color the blue sections of the map…
I used a displace modifier this time and it works a bit better…


that help´s me al thank´s again