Height Shading

Hi everyone, sorry if this has been asked elsewhere.

I have a simple mesh in Blender of some height readings I took for an area. I was wondering if there was a way to texture this mesh so that higher areas are coloured red, lower areas are blue, and so on, sort of like an infra-red image where hot areas are white and cold areas are purple.


Of course it can be done.

Just take a blend texture (which is basicly a gradient) and it`s x axis to z axis of the mesh.


I second what Myn.pheos said, it took me just a second too long to respond :wink:

Here’s what you get, and the settings:
Happy blending!


Wow, thankyou both so much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! With a simple texture (black line on white ground) you can easily get contour lines, too: